Flametec converted a Still MX-X to ATEX Zone 2 for a Methane Gas environment to BS EN 1755:2000,A2-2013. The truck will be operating indoors and outdoors in a distillery in the UK.

An Active System was chosen as the conversion method, with a single gas detector installed at the front of the truck. The flameproof enclosure protects all the sensitive electronics, and this enclosure sits at the back of the truck – minimum intrusion.

The driver has a view of the status lights for the Gas Detection System. Green light indicates normal operation. Amber light indicates low level of gas is present, but is not hazardous – an alarm will sound at this level as well to warn the driver. Once the gas level has reached a set point, the Red indicator will light up and the truck will shut down after 30 seconds.

Once gas has been detected by the system, the truck will need a full power reset.

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