Flametec converted a Still RX60-50 to ATEX Zone 2 for various Gas environments to BS EN 1755:2015. The truck will be operating indoors and outdoors in a distillery in Northern UK. A Passive System was chosen as the conversion method. A Passive system provides a higher level of safety than an active system, and is the only protection method allowed under Zone 1. All ignition hazards on the truck were protected as per the requirements of ATEX and EN1755. All sparking components were fitted inside a Flameproof Ex ‘d’ enclosure located behind the operator’s seat. All sensors, dashboard, fingertip controls etc were also protected appropriately in accordance with EN60079-14.

Additionally the truck was fitted with several accessories:

  • Explosion Proof Ex ‘d’ Wiper Motor
  • 3 off Explosion Proof Ex ‘d’ Working Lights
  • Explosion Proof Ex ‘d’ Reverse Blue Spot Light
  • Non Sparking Ex ‘nA’ Beacon and Sounder

On receipt, the forklift truck was fitted with several temporary temperature sensors. After rigorous testing, we found out that the drive controllers of this powerful material handling equipment have several internal transistors that were running hotter than the required T rating; even though the surface temperature of the controllers was within the T rating due to excellent heat sinking. Therefore, special steps were taken to protect this equipement from explosion. We have noticed several other forklifts of this capacity do not have their controllers protected. We urge the end users to contact us for a free evaluation, and not to take risks in hazardous areas.

With 30+ years of flame protection experience, we have expert capabilities when it comes to your safety in hazardous environments. You can be sure that with Flametec, we will never cut corners or overlook potential hazards on your equipment no matter how small or unlikely they may seem.

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